The Giving Tree Bag Packing Event

Today, is a big day for our Giving Tree Project. Over the past weeks, we have purchased school supplies, winter coats, thermos, books and toys. Today, we will pack 80 individual bags for the children of Soaring Talent Elementary School in Pudong.

We will post updates throughout the day.

12.00 Presidential Escort. President Dmytro and helpers load supplies loaded from storage (members appartment) and transport them to Grand Millennium Hongqiao. Two GL8 filled to the max.

13.00 Unpacking at Grand Millennium. This is the raw Giving Tree

13.30 Instructions. Each bag has to be packed individually for a child. Thermoses and jackets will be in the children’s favorite color, toys will be according to the children’s wishes, books will be according to the age level.  What goes in the bag is shown in the picture, below.

14.00 Unpacking. We need to unpack our big delivery and set up our production line. Ready to go.

15.00 3… 2…. 1….. Go! Packing starts. The atmosphere is like in a restaurant kitchen. Fabian shouts out the orders, Gerhard, Andreas, Dmytro and Oksana assemble, Mark does quality check and packs. There are only a few hickups in this well oiled machine; three jackets were delivered in wrong size and sometimes a wrong color item goes in the bag. Stop, check, repeat. Awesome team effort

17.00 We are done. 76 bags are packed, 4 bags are waiting for a delivery of the correct jackets. Great team effort, lots of fun. This is what the Rotary Spirit is all about. We will deliver the bags on 21st to Soaring Talent Primary School in Pudong. Kids, we are looking forward to meet you.