Rotary China Eastern Joint Meeting 

Rotary China is growing at a good rate. There are now over 20 Clubs in China, the Eastern China region. The first joint meeting brings together members from the Eastern Clubs to exchange ideas and enjoy the fellowship. With the growing number if Rotarians becomes increasingly complex. This meeting is a call to order for us to reach out more and engage in joint projects. 

We are very proud that our very own Celine Schulze was awarded her Paul Harris Fellowship at the Joint Meeting. 

For our attending members, this meeting is a great opportunity to meet old friends. Also, it is a great opportunity to exchange and generate ideas, and to take stock of our own activities. Rotary Lujiazui has a great year with amazing projects, esp. the Giving Tree. The Club is doing very well on donations to The Rotary Foundation (currently #1 in per capita giving in the district) and in public relations. Looming beyond our own Club, it is amazing to see the good things Rotarians do all over China. We are very proud to be part of this great Rotary Family. 

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