The Giving Tree 2017 – Handover Day
GIVING TREE PROJECT We are looking back to a great year with a wonderful project.

The Giving Tree is about inspiring children. It is about inspiring children by showing that we care about them. It is about inspiring children who face hard times by giving to them. In the future, these children may remember how good it felt that people cared, and may whish to give back themselves.

We visited Soaring Talent Primary School in Pudong for our big handover day. Judging from the faces, we were no less excited than the children that the day had finally arived.
The children had not only prepared the school (some final cleaning went on, as we arrived on the grounds), but also warmly welcomed us. Everybody gathered in the schoolyard. The headmaster and the Giving Tree Team introduced the school and the project and sang the Giving Tree song with the kids.

Afterwards, we went to the class rooms to hand out the bags. Our 80 bags covered two classes, a 3rd grade and a 4th grade. Henry Lao Shi and Gerhard Lao Shi handed out the bags, while the rest of us enjoyed the happy faces of the kids when unpacking them.
It was a heart warming but also humbling experience for all Rotarians and Family that joined this great event. We are looking forward to next year.