Speaker Series – Han Shen Lin giving Comments on the China Financial System

Chinas financial system is not easy to understand and evaluate, especially from the outside. Therefore, we were very fortunate to have Mr. Lin speak to us and give his “Comments on the Chinese Financial System”. In a remarkably clear and insightful way, he introduced a balanced perspective through three lenses of exchange rates, capital controls and monetary policy. In his outlook, he discussed fundamental changes initiated through technologies such as mobile payment, blockchain, etc.
During the Club meeting, two Paul Harris Fellowships were awarded to Gerhard Fasching and Fabian Kirsch (both PHF+1) for their contributions to The Rotary Foundation.

With regard to our Flagship Project, The Giving Tree,  we have received our Giving Bags and will fill them in the next weeks, before handing them to the children of Soaring Talent School in Pudong.

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